Saving Thanksgiving

Time is moving at lightning fast speed. Before you know it, Halloween will be upon us, which to me, is the kick starter for the upcoming holiday season.  Out of all the holidays of the year, Thanksgiving definitely holds a special place in my heart.  It’s not a holiday that centers around gift-giving and receiving. It focuses on one of the basic fundamentals in life: family. Every year since I can remember, my parents and I went to my Aunt Claire’s House near Lancaster, PA for the weekend. If there is any place that resonates the fall season, that is most definitely it. Her version of Thanksgiving is gourmet, fresh, and simply delicious. Baked brie, squash soup, 3 different kinds of potatoes, fresh biscuits, cornbread, cranberry sauce….you get the picture. The acres of farmland, Amish shops and small town feel is refreshing coming from NYC and New Jersey. Everyone walks around with a smile on their face! It’s incredible how people can find happiness and appreciate the little things in life.

However, this year, Thanksgiving is ON HOLD, unless someone comes in and saves the day. My mother and aunt haven’t spoken to each other since April. The argument itself was blown out of proportion, and is now jeopardizing one of our most important family traditions. I usually play the family mediator, but in this case, nothing I’ve said to either one of them seems to help. Both are stubborn and unwilling to compromise. Since I have such a  small family, this makes it especially more difficult to deal with. My cousins aren’t willing to step in and do the job, so I have to. But how far will I have to go? Is this only important to me?

With all of the problems going on in the world, let’s give thanks for what we do have: Each other.


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  1. 2muchmelo says:

    Life wouldn’t be life if we didn’t have family or friends to enjoy the great things in life with. People don’t usually realize that until it’s to late. Funerals, sickness, and relocation are usually events that bring family back together. Don’t worry; sometimes we can’t always be the peace maker. Your going to have to just let things play it’s course in this situation. Maybe you can start your own tradition and invite whomever. Don’t feel bad if either one doesn’t show but do tell them and different times to show up might help. The idea is to go about your holiday and don’t give there shenanigans any second thought. It’s a old saying “misery loves company”

  2. jtinari says:

    gigilauren, I most definitely feel your pain. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The food is so warm and the feeling you get from being around your family is so inviting. I have to admit, I especially like this holiday because it usually falls on or around my birthday. This year, my birthday is the day after. So, this makes me particulalry excited because I know once you pass the age of 16, the family seems to start to be unable to gather for birthday events. They will send cards and gifts of course, but everyone is older and has jobs, so it’s a lot harder to make a solid date to sit down and celebrate together. This is why I love having my birthday near this holiday. It ensures that my family will always be with me to celebrate, and for that I am really thankful. But this year, my aunt and cousins want to vacate to their house in florida. We were invited of course, but school doesn’t allow for an extended vacation and neither does work. So, I too am pretty bummed that I won’t have my whole family there with me. It sucks for sure. Good luck with mending your family. I also know how that feels. 😦

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