Que Viva Dos Caminos !

Dos Camino’s is a well known restaurant located throughout New York, Atlantic City, and Florida. They are known for their delicious Mexican cuisine and of course the Tequila lounge. This week I had the pleasure of having dinner with an old friend at Dos Camino’s in the Meatpacking District. The restaurant has a comforting vibe with their brick interior and dim lighting. The Meatpacking location is a great environment dos caminosbecause it is surrounded by the New York night life.

Dos Camino’s is the perfect spot to have great food and drinks with even better company.  The food is very affordable ranging from $18 – $30. The drinks are nothing less than fantastic. I would recommend to try the white peach sangria its a restaurant favorite along with the house margarita. The guacamole as they say on the website is well ” Holy Guacamole”. Don’t be afraid to try the trio salsa’s that are included with the guacamole and corn tortillas. This dish serves two people and is very filling so leave room for your main course.

Dos Camino’s offers a variety of main dishes such as chimichangas,burritos, and of course an assortment of tacos. I highly recommend the chopped salad and pollo asado tacos they were magnificent. The chicken tacos are seasoned to Mexican perfection and topped with lime for some extra flavor. The salad is a great touch to calm the spice. The dish is served with a side of Mexican rice and black beans.

It is safe to say that Dos Caminos is one of my all time favorite Mexican restaurants. The atmosphere, ambiance, food and service won me over. It is everything a restaurant should be and I can not wait to visit their other locations!


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  1. mganou says:

    Hey Remi!
    I went to Dos Caminos last night for dinner, thanks to this article!
    I absolutely loved it, great food, great vibe, great deco!
    Thanks for sharing!

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