It is time to go Thai: food from the land of smile

 grilled chicken sataytom yam 2

mango sticky rice 3          Did you know Thai food is known world-wide? Did you know Thai food can be tasty and healthy? Thai food is very popular in many countries. It has a unique taste that combines sour, sweet, and spicy ingredients. When you taste Thai food, all the ingredients melt in your mouth. Thai ingredient, the smell of herbs, and spices make Thai food outstanding. The food form Thailand is always served with vegetable and side dishes. For example, you can order Grilled Chicken Satay served with peanut sauce and cucumber and red onion mixed with clear sweet and sour sauce or you can have Tom Yam soup, which made with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf galangal, and chili sauce and you can finish your meal with mango sticky rice for dessert. Besides, many Thai cuisines now offer a healthy menu like boiled Chinese broccoli with soy sauce or oyster sauce, boiled mix vegetable, and Thai salad with peanut sauce, so we have more choice to choose when we eat out. We can see that the food from land of smile is delicious, healthy, and full of exotic ingredient. When you have a chance, you eat out and explore the wonder of Thai cuisine.


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