Cats Own the Internet!

988420_10152318926839763_4096930945011859400_nI was looking at this picture of my cat (who is the cutest thing in the world :)) when I wondered why cats have so much success on the Web?
In recent years, we are bombarded with new pictures and videos of cute and funny cats on the Internet, we never get tired and it’s always a pleasure to watch those furball doing silly things.
Why cats are so successful on the Web? How can we explain this buzz?
The idea of ​​a big conspiracy of cats that want to dominate the world is funny and appealing, but the phenomenon of cats on the web has a rational origin dating from the 2000s.
Indeed, it all started with an initiative of political bloggers in the early 2000s, they have started posting pictures of their cats every Friday. Actually, It was the only thing they all agreed on. Then, the famous website 4chan follows the movement and creates the Caturday in 2005. Every saturday, internet users could post pictures and added funny quotes on the website : that is how the “Lolcats” concept was born. Then, several blogs see the high potential and follow the trend, for instance which has 16 million monthly viewers.
But why do we love cats so much? why are we so attracted by them?
They are universal. Indeed, people love cats because they are cute, there is no need to belong to a certain community in order to appreciate a video of cute cats. The whole world loves cats. The cat is an animal that often adopt cute and original attitudes. In addition, it is easy to take photos of them.
The Web make up for some lacks in real life. Indeed, dog owners can meet in parks, but cat owners never meet outside. The Internet has enabled a community to federate. Also, many people do not have pets but they would like to have one so they love to watch pets on the web.
Besides, there is probably an element of anthropomorphism. People love to watch animals that have human attitudes. The cat sometimes has the same behavior than a baby, for instance in the video “Surprised Kitty.
Everybody knows this video, this amazing kitten is so cute and he really acts like a baby, I could watch this video for hours!

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