People, Place, Thing.

Sydney Opera House & Harbour Bridge – 2009

To most, the word “place” is nothing more than that, simply a word used to identify an area of space, business, or locality. By definition there is nothing extraordinary about “place.” However, to me this word carries much more meaning. Place, which falls under the category “noun,” and has the unique ability to be considered “proper” among other nouns, carries great significance because Sydney, Australia is a place, and that place is where I found myself.

Prior to moving to Sydney I was like many other high school graduates whose idea about who she was and what she wanted to do was very vague. I chose to study in Australia as a means of “getting away” from the suburbanite life I knew hoping that I had chosen a path that would allow me to experience success not measured by my mere ability to have a family and simply maintain a job. I spent 5 years in Sydney. None of that time went as planned yet Sydney gave me more than I expected. It was there, as a result of an internship in events I discovered that planning and creating is what I am good at, there, as a poor college student I learned not only how to budget and but that money isn’t everything, and there, while working with an anti-trafficking organization I came to appreciate causes greater than myself and that people are actually what’s most important. It was in Sydney, on the streets, in the classroom and later the office, over days, months and years of studying, working, and living, I grew up, my career goals became defined and who I was became obvious. And so, because of this “places” have come to be somewhat extraordinary to me, more than just a noun, and I imagine many would say the same.


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  1. mganou says:

    Hey Nicole! I deeply agree with you, having lived in different cities and countries, I truly believe that “places” can have an incredibly powerful impact on us and how it shapes us along the way!

    1. nicolelundergan says:

      Hello Mganou! Thank you for your comment! Glad you can agree with me! It seems so cliche to say but it is really how I feel!

  2. thiggins99 says:

    I like how you described being “defined”, I agree that it is indeed “places” that ultimately define who and what we become, It’s interesting to think what you may have become or where you would have ended up if not for Australia.

    1. nicolelundergan says:

      I agree Tim! I imagine a lot of things would have played out very differently if I had say, chosen to stay local or even study somewhere within the U.S. – its an interesting thought. Thank you for your comment!!

  3. remimuniz says:

    I agree that places define who or what we become. I firmly believe that if I grew up or lived in another place I would be a very different person. As humans we are molded by our surroundings. Great post!

    1. nicolelundergan says:

      Thanks Remi! I’ve never shared so much about my time overseas but I can see now from how much I feel the need to write about it that it truly was impacting! This post is sort of an extension of some of the things you were saying if your first post! Thank you again for the comment!

  4. koowathanat says:

    I like how you find yourself and what you have learned from that places. I think when people have to move another place, they have to adapt and understand the place where they live. As a result, they will learn new lessons and will get their life experience. These help them to became a better, smarter,and stronger person.

    1. nicolelundergan says:

      Thank you Koowathanat! I think you are very right – I can agree that I am much more open-minded than I think I would ever be if I hadn’t travel as a young adult! Thank you for your comment!

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