Why let an “apple” drive you crazy?

IMG_3768I don’t know how many people in this class are “apple fans”, but I know that I am a big one . I got almost all the “apple” products and I hope all my family members got them, too. There are reasons of this brand becoming so popular; the beautiful shape, the useful functions, the easy-handled apps, the dramatic visual senses, the high benefits of their way treating the employees, and also, the great branding and marketing skills.

However, none of these can become a reason of being so crazy that we are even willing to line up for a whole night only for a first view of the new product. Is there any differences between getting an iphone 6 on Sep. 19 and getting one on Oct. 1st? I don’t think so.

Things are even more ridiculous in China. There is a job names Daigou, which means people can buy things that don’t sell in main land from those who are in US, Europe or other districts. In order to do that, they have to pay the shipping fee, the seller’s salary, and the customer’s duty which is more than twice of the tax besides paying for the product.

IMG_3764Here is a screenshot of a Daigou agent’s page, which shows the prices of iphone after the news that iphone 6 may not be able to enter Chinese market by the end of 2014.

To compare, as I know, the average monthly income of a family in China is around $1,500. How is that possible that so many people even willing to cost a year’s income just to buy a cell phone?

Don’t let an electrical device control your life. Don’t be a slave of new technology no matter how much you love it. There are too many things to focus on and life is too short to make this kind of wastes.

I still want to get an iphone 6. But obviously, not now, not in this way, not on this price either. How about you?

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  1. mganou says:

    Hey sunnyfromchina! Thank you for sharing this! Wow these prices are completely insane! I appreciate Apple myself but I would never line up in the street for a whole night for a phone either!!! And neither at this price obviously!

    1. sunnyfromchina says:

      Yeah I just don’t understand why there are too many people lost there minds to do such unworthy things. LOL

  2. zymiazymia says:

    I want one so badly.. But I am not due for an upgrade…. and the way my pockets are set up….. i believe i’m going to have to wait! LOL Those prices are just crazy!!!!!!!!

    1. sunnyfromchina says:

      Exactly!!! And also what you said is the reason I don’t want to get a contract device. They limit down your choices~ Thank you for your comments.

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