Netflix available in France!


Netflix is now available in France! Indeed, the company announced its launch in France on September 15th. I’m glad that my French fellow citizen enjoy Netflix services!

When I arrived in NY, I didn’t know Netflix, but I discovered its benefits and I thought it was a shame that such a service doesn’t exist in France. France has several cable providers that already offer VOD services but it’s very expensive. I think French households will love Netflix which is going to have lot of success. Indeed, Netflix arrives with important benefits:

First is the price: 7.99 euros per month for the standard quality (on one screen), 8.99 euros in HD on two simultaneous screen, and 11.99 euros for four simultaneous HD screens. French competitors are much more expensive.

Besides, in France we always have to wait a long time to watch the last season of our favorite series. Generally, when a new season airs on an American network, it’s broadcast on French channels almost one year after (you must wait for the dubbing etc), and it’s really annoying for all French fans of TV shows. Thanks to Netflix, we’ll be able to watch last seasons rapidly.

Last advantage: in addition to enjoying the original programs produced by Netflix such as the masterpiece House of Cards and Orange is the new Black, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that the company will produce some original French series, including a French remake of House of Cards. I can’t wait to see it!


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  1. myriamamou says:

    I can’t believe Netflix is finally available in France ! I’ve been waiting for this for two years. I think my french friends will be very happy about that !

  2. laurepierrey says:

    I knew that Netflix was available in France but there are already several on-demand Internet streaming media, such as Numéricable, Canaplay, OCS. The advantage is that prices will decreased because of this new competitor. It’s always a good news for customers.

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