The beginning of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Everybody knows what is Ice Bucket Challenge but no one knows how it started. It begins with just only one man his name is Pete Frates.  How does a simple man become the face of a viral phenomenon? Celebrities, politicians, families, everybody, and even YOU did the Ice Bucket Challenge!

But who is Pete Frates? What is his story? He was the team captain of Boston College in 2007. Unfortunately, in 2012 a neurologist gave him the bad news: he had ALS. He wanted to fight for this disease. He wanted to make his fight a symbol. He wanted to live like a normal person. All his dreams came true: he got married in 2013 and had his first children in 2014. However, his fight didn’t stop there.

He nominated himself but he couldn’t do it, so he asked his friends to do it for his cause ALS and for charity. He wanted to join charity and fun. First, all athletes from Boston did it. Then, all athletes in the country did it. Then, teams, celebrity, families, EVERYBODY did it. In one month the challenge became a huge viral phenomenon. But irony in this story is that Pete never did the challenge, and one day in August he decided to take up the challenge!


Today, thanks to him the association received 100 million USD.


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  1. dounialoveny says:

    I’m one of those who didn’t really know how the Ice Bucket Challenge started. Now I know, thanks Myriam 😉 I knew that it was to support the cause of ALS disease, I’m surprise to see that the creator of this challenge has this disease. I think Pete Frates can be proud of him because thanks to him the whole world is aware of ALS cause.

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