My 5 weeks in New York

I’ve been to New York for 5 weeks now. Let me share with you how my life & feelings changed in these 5 weeks.

When I first got to New York, I did feel some kind of culture shock. I’m a city-girl from Beijing, so I don’t mind New York is so crowded with tourists. But this city is overwhelmed with people that come from different countries and different ethnics, I just didn’t feel safe when I first walked on New York streets.

For the 1st two and half weeks, I accompanied a friend of mine, whom is also new to this city, trying to find a proper apartment for her. Searching for an apartment at this back-to-school season is certainly not a very pleasant experience, but we managed to find one at last, and we did have a lot of fun on trying different kind of food and gaining some weight.


On my 2nd weekend in New York, my boyfriend took me to a party which was held by a native American. My boyfriend was here one month earlier than me, and he had just finished a big project on that day. So he definitely had a lot of fun at that party, but I didn’t as well. I tried really hard to talk, but it didn’t go so well. I felt upset that night.

My 3rd week is the orientation week. I registered for classes and participated in some orientation events here. I also made some new friends. This week I felt my life was getting better.

The 4th week is about meeting new professors and classmates. Luckily all of my classes are so funny and interesting. I felt so released by the end of that week.

The 5th week is the New York Fashion Week. I’ve always dreamed about taking a look at this event before. So when I finished my morning class on Wednesday, I stopped by Lincoln Center and took some photos there. I felt like I’m almost a New Yorker now.


These are my 5 weeks in New York. During these 5 weeks, I’ve been reached out by 3 different people on street. The 1st one is a guy who tried to ask me for directions in Japanese when I was rushing into the Times Square subway station. The 2nd one is also a guy who said Kunichiwa to me on the street. They both must had mistaken me to Japanese. Another woman chatted with me because we saw a weird guy who carried a bunch of boxes on his backpack, on top of which said “My Space”. (What kind of promotions was that?) That woman told me she had seen this guy for three times.

So all in all, I have to say New York is indeed an amazing and crazy city, and I’ve had a great time in here. I love New York.


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