How We Met

We met on a chilly September day in 1999.

IMG_7589-0.PNGIt was my first day of 11th grade at a new high school. The school was on the west-side of Detroit, Michigan. I was a little scared. I had come from a suburban school district but my mother and step-father move which moved me to a Detroit public school. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I walked into my first class. All eyes was on me. The teacher introduced me to the whole class.” Class this is Melody, and today is her first day everybody say hi.” Some of the class said hello, others just looked. The teacher told me to take a seat. I looked around and my eyes locked with this handsome dark chocolate young man with the most gorgeous big smile. (it literally lit up the room) He said to me “this seat isn’t taken you could sit here if you want.” I smiled back and said thank you and took the seat in front of him. I noticed the teacher started writing on the board. I turned around and quickly put my hand out and said “Hi I’m Melody.” He smiled and with a small laugh put out his hand and said “Hi I’m ******* nice to meet you.” I was smiling so hard still shaking his hand. Once I realized what I was doing I let go of his hand and turn around in my seat (feeling embarrassed). I was thinking in my head where had I heard that name before? and then it dawned on me. That’s the same name of the liquor my aunt always drinks. I chuckled a bit thinking about my aunt and her shenanigans. The teacher wasn’t looking again so I turned around quickly and said “like the liquor? He said.”Huh what?” I was scared I had offended him so I didn’t repeat myself. I really was hoping he didn’t hear me. I wrote on my paper ****** and thought to myself ummmmmmm ****** & Melody ummmmmm Tel & Mel ummmm smiling and still doodling our names in my notebook Mel and Tel. I thought to myself. Yes! he is going to be my husband. I know that may sound crazy, but our names fit so well together (back then things like that mattered). I day dreamed about him for about a week. He finally got the courage to ask me for my number and I said “No” of course.  A girls got to play hard to get, but I did tell him I’ll take his number. He gave me his house phone number (kids didn’t have celling phones back then). I was smiling so hard he made a joke about it. “for a girl who didn’t want to give me her number you sure are smiling awfully hard at my number.”  I Smirked a little a turned back in my seat. I put the number in my notebook next to all of my love doodles and I waited two days to call him and that’s how we met.


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  1. Hi Melody,
    Thank you for sharing your lovely story. That’s so beautiful and I’m happy for you even I don’t know you yet. I have someone I love deeply in my heart but he just regards me as his little sister. I think your post will remind many people of their fist meet with their beloved ones.

    1. 2muchmelo says:

      Love can be small and big but it’s Love and sometimes people need to be reminded of Love some people think that money rules the world, but I think Love rules the world. So sunnyfromchina maybe you should tell this person how you really feel we only live once 😁

  2. koowathanat says:

    Hi Melody,
    I really like your first love story. When I read your first love, I can relate to your first love right away. Also, it reminded me to my first love. Anyway, thank you for sharing your first love experience.

    1. 2muchmelo says:

      First Loves can be magic and if your able to experience love once good or bad people seem to still always want to be loved or give love

  3. mganou says:

    Hi Melody!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Your story was absolutely adorable, and I agree with you, a beautiful honest smile is the most heart-melting thing!

    1. 2muchmelo says:

      Thank you Mganou
      If you agree with me then you must see his smile 😁 it still after all these years can lite up a room!

  4. Mpb1031 says:

    Your story was so vivid and engaging. Thank you for sharing !

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