Big change in weather

Who is happy that winter and snow is finished? It looks like old man winter is finally gone. We have had one heck of a winter. Granted as much as I love snow, quite frankly there was too much snow this past winter. I guess that is what happens when you have a couple of snow less winters come and go. Everyone that I know says thee same thing: They are happy that winter is finally over and some warmer weather is moving in. Also they were sick of the snow. New York is usually used to having maybe 2 or 3 snow storms a winter and that is if we are lucky, but this winter caught everyone off guard. One lady that I know and she is from northern Europe. I remember asking her if she liked the snow. She replied that where she is from this is pretty much normal for her. She is from Denmark, so the people there are used to seeing lots of snow. I guess that New York is located more towards Canada that there is always a chance of heavy show storms coming our way. We shall see what spring and summer brings us. Hopefully spring and summer will be a lot better and kind to us weather wise.


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  1. meiswari says:

    Before winter came I was excited for it to come because it would be my first experience of snow after more than 10 years but now I just wanted to end, the snow was just too much for me.

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