Spring/Break Art Show

Credits: Spring/Break Art Show website
Credits: Spring/Break Art Show website


Spring/Break Art Show happened during the art fairs’ weekend, from March 6 to 9.

Located at Old School, this fair offered something totally different from the other fairs.

While art fairs such as Volta or ADAA tend to present well-known galleries in a fancy and neat atmosphere in the aim of attracting collectors to be “sold out”, the Spring/Break Show tends to be more educational and introductory.
There’s no need to know anything about art to appreciate this fair, contrary to most of the fairs that are more business oriented.
I had the pleasure to enjoy the 3 floors that were offering all kinds of art: performances, installations, paintings, photographs, drawings…

It was really complete as an educational fair. 40 curators showing work by more than 100 artists, “exploring how the high visibility of the self in the 21st century everyday (…) activates and disinhibits the artistic practice.”

Let’s take a peek at 3 artworks I enjoyed discovering.

Minotaur on Brooklyn Bridge/Paolo Buggiani
Minotaur on Brooklyn Bridge/Paolo Buggiani



First, an artist that I didn’t know exhibited some of his pictures. This is the one I liked the most, it’s titled Minotaur on Brooklyn Bridge (1981). Doing some research about the artist, I figured out that he’s pretty famous, and that since the 70s. His name is Paolo Buggiani, and he used to perform ephemeral paintings with fire in the streets. His motto: “Take a look on the wild side“. Take a look at his wild work here.




Powercave4/Bruno Pogacnik Wukodrakula

Then, I really appreciated an installation that took place in an entire room. The artist Bruno Pogacnik Wukodrakula did an amazing job transforming the space in a nature cave. As soon as you get in, the foil he installed on the walls vibrates with the wind your body produces by moving. The space is full of wood and leaves, and the sounds installed makes you feel right in the middle of a jungle. So many details to see too, hidden monitors and coffee cups, details that show you that the artist if full of resources. Artist Statement: “I seek to erase the boundaries between art and life, exploring the limits of personal privacy, communication and intimate viewing experiences.” Nothing to add except: Good job!


Last but not least, I’ve been impressed by the faculty of a performance artist to integrate social media in his work. So thoughtful. You could meet Sean Fader as the #wishingpelt there. Viewers would be invited to climb the pedestal on which he was standing and whisper a wish into his ear while rubbing his pelt. Then, they were instructed to take, post and hashtag a selfie while doing that, so that the wish would come true. This is how art looks like nowadays…! Improvement and transformation using new technologies.

#wishingpelt/Sean Fader
#wishingpelt/Sean Fader

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