City That Never Sleeps?!?… I Have Pics That Say Different!


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Lights that keep the skyline colorful, the noise of taxis honking and the screech of them running red lights, the chatter and batter of commuters rushing to work and the laughter of tourist watching street performers do there thing… NEW YORK CITY.

With the “hustle and bustle” that comes with living, working, partying and going to school in the busy city of New York  who has time to sleep? In fact NYC is known as the “city that never sleeps, ” but I have a few photos that cause me to disagree….

My Daily Schedule

20131201_073652 7:15 am- I wake up, shower and dress then leave for  the gym

8:00 am- I’m at Planet Fitness in downtown Brooklyn

9:15 am- I’m back on the train to my house to shower

10:05 am- I’m back on the train to my internship at Dylan’s Candy Bar on 62nd Street

11-5:00pm – I’m at my internship

5:15 pm- On the crosstown bus to school for class at 6

6-9:00 pm- Im in class

9:07 pm- On train to go home to cook for the next day

11:45pm-12 am- Finally calling it a night to only repeat again tomorrow

I began to calculate just how much sleep I was missing out on and then I looked around one day on the train and realized I wasn’t the only one!



20131030_214503                                        20131204_103517


Truth is we do sleep but never for long, just quick cat naps to keep us energized for our next endeavor, whether it be going home to feed the kids, going to our second job or running to our college night classes. We as New Yorkers don’t waste a moment of our day, we map it out strategically to fit our busy schedules!

Where do you catch your Zzzz?


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  1. nlevendag says:

    Hahahaha awesome that you took these pics!! I don’t work hard enough to fall a sleep in the train I guess..

  2. devonnejackson2013 says:

    I remember as a child the movement of a car was soothing to me and I think that what happens on a train… we are forced to be on a train for x amount of hours per day per week the rough movement of the train because soothing like a mothers arms lol Yea i took all this photos… super creep!

  3. stonjr89 says:

    Truth be told you’ll NEVER catch me sleeping on a train. In my world, sleep is forbidden. My schedule is so twisted I dont get much sleep.

    Sundays I wake up at 7:45am to get to work for my 9-5
    I’m in bed by 12am, only to be up at 4:37am to get to work at 6
    Thats my Mon-Wed schedule, adding the fact I have class Wednesday at 6pm
    Wednesday nite/ Thursday morning I go to bed at 12am but I get up at 7:45am to get to class at 9am… that’s done at 12pm and I have a 6hr gap til my next class at 6pm
    Then I’m in bed at 12am but I’m back to getting up at 4:37am for work
    when work is over I have 4 Hours til my class at 6pm

    BASICALLY my sleep is all over the place and it leaves me really one day to get real sleep. Life yo….

    1. mahdis66 says:

      omg how could you wake up at 4:37, i wish i could’ve done it too

      1. devonnejackson2013 says:

        Yea that time is ridiculous! Im in my 5th dream at 4:37am

      2. stonjr89 says:

        haha a lot of successful people claim their up bright and early around the same time so maybe it isnt such a bad thing.

      3. mahdis66 says:

        i know, its amazing I tried to do it my whole life but no success, im not a morning person

    2. tsunami08 says:

      OMG I use to have a schedule like this HATED IT!!

    3. devonnejackson2013 says:

      You schedule is very similar to mine I see. The hustle is really in the streets of New York.. but if you can make it here you can make it anywhere!

      But for real get some rest!

  4. mahdis66 says:

    hahahaha these picture remind me of myself, you are a busy bee devon, i dont have a busy schedule like yours, but im always sleepy when i get into the train lol

    1. devonnejackson2013 says:

      Always busy! But i realize its because as a child my parents always had us in dance or girl scouts or church so we were always busy no idol time my mother always said so I guess even now as an adult I stuck with those old ways! Not complaining but I know next year this time… my schedule wont be soooo busy. I will have stopped going to the gym as often in hopes that I will have already reached my goal weight and I will have graduated school too.. so I will only have a job! and maybe a dance class here and there

  5. tsunami08 says:

    LMAO OmG I use to do this to people all the time. I still have a few in my phone. And I’m sure some people have some of me in theirs. I sleep all the time on the train on my way to work… I am really not a morning person.

    1. devonnejackson2013 says:

      post them here!!!!!! i wanna see… yea man sometimes I fall asleep with my mouth open.. have you seen the rat that crawled up the leg of someone on the train sleep?

      After I saw this I stopped sleeping on trains for like a month… but then… I went back to sleeping!

      1. Ally says:

        Reminds me of …:D

  6. devonnejackson2013 says:

    hahahahahahahah too funny ally!

  7. ssseason says:

    haha! It’s really interesting!!! I like your photos!!! so funny! They are so cute!! 😀

    1. devonnejackson2013 says:

      I try to sneak and take them on the train sometimes my phone isnt on silent and they hear the snap and Then they wake up and I look away quickly lol

  8. stonjr89 says:

    How do I post images in the reply box

    1. devonnejackson2013 says:

      Make a url for the photo by using this website –> easy steps!

      hurry i wanna see your photos!

  9. Shalini says:

    hahaha too funny. Not a hectic schedule so far so have been sleeping in my bed but who knows what the future hold…I may catch a quick snooze in the subway if life gets hectic.

  10. tdalvano says:

    this is very funny and very creative i love the way u played on the famous ny saying, ny the city that never sleeps, great !

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