Are you sick of it yet?

I know I am!

Now that the Winter season is upon us, I cannot help but think of  better days. Days when i was neither too hot nor too cold. Days when I woke up to smiling rays of sunshine that burst through my bedroom windows. I really just cannot help but think of actual leaves on that beautiful tree in my front yard, instead of on the ground where they now slumber waiting for an imminent, icy,Winter death.

If I sound as if I am in a funk, it’s probably because I actually am. I woke up with a sore throat, itchy burning eyes, no appetite two days ago and this morning all that has been sistered by constant coughing. I think back to last year this time and I was fine. I am now convinced that this winter will be worse than the previous one.

I really would rather complete this semester on a tropical island or a tropical state even. I say we move classes to South Beach, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Curacao even…ok ok I admit that is a bit ambitious. I’ll settle for South beach or even LA. Anything for some neutral weather.

How are you dealing with the Winter weather changes?

Picture taken by Dave Mosher 

All rights reserved by Dave Mosher on Flickr.

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  1. ssseason says:

    I actually don’t like cold weather. In my country, the weather is warm. Therefore, when I first time came to New York I didn’t feel conformable because It was a snowing day. Now, I think I have already overcome this problem, even though I still don;t like cold weather! Last time when I went back to Taiwan, I felt the weather was so hot and I couldn’t stay there anymore. lol

  2. bmccartn2013 says:

    lol that’s funny! I like it not too hot and not too cold. I like the weather neutral. I come a from a tropical country so I am used to the heat as well. Winter does not love me and I am not a fan either haha. I always get sick and I hate the wet disgusting feeling on the trains. I can tolerate it for a little while but after that I have just had enough. All I think about now are ways to not venture outside.

  3. Shalini says:

    I love the sun…and the beach! I wish it was summer now …Today was my first snowfall. It was amazing… but I hear this was just the teaser, when it begins to snow it SNOWS.. Looking forward to this…

    1. tsunami08 says:

      I love the summer also. I was born in july and wish it could be 90 degrees year round. But you will eventually get annoyed with the snow fast..

      1. Shalini says:

        Hello sunsign buddy, I was born in July too 🙂 when’s your birthday… Mines 9 July.

    2. bmccartn2013 says:

      yea this was just introductory snow! Girl I used to be just as eager for the real thing. My first real snow storm was here in NY when I came to visit in 2010 Christmas…Oh goodness, I was so horrified by what I went through just trying to commute. Just horrible! @Tsunami08 is right, you get annoyed very quickly. Who knows, maybe you may have a better experience, if you do please share 🙂

      1. Shalini says:

        Hahahahha I seriously doubt it considering that I’m freezing already!!! 🙂

  4. tsunami08 says:

    Yes I am sick of it already and we didnt even get any real snow yet. SmH…. But Im happy to be alive.

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      I know the feeling! I am literally trying to create a strategy for my every move lol…just to not be in the cold weather. Yup, at least there is life in the midst of it all 🙂

  5. fbukhari says:

    Uh! my hometown 10 months during the year has a very hot weather ! One of many things that I struggled with here about the weather .Do you know that in m hometown the weather is 70 ? Cool ha ? and here we are completely freezing loool

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      in jamaica it’s all year, imagine that!

  6. stonjr89 says:

    I rarely get sick. Sorry guys…… But buy yourself alot of soup and drink alot of OJ. Carry some Halls around and you’ll be aight 😀

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      Swap immune systems?Please 🙂

  7. omejia121 says:

    I love it!! Winter is my favorite season. I wish it could snow all day every day!! 🙂 BTW Feel Better!

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      Thanks Oscar…appreciate it 🙂

  8. mahdis66 says:

    hahaha i guess you need to move back to miami, i love winters and snow but i have the worst immune system ever lol im always sick in winters and i cant enjoy it 😦 have you had the flu shot?

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      Miami sounds like a good bet! i get sick here a lot too..makes me miserable! As for the flu shot..Never! Too many people die from that shot..there was even a news report just this week about a teenager who died from it. No flu shots for me Mahdis, I have a genuine fear for that thing!

      1. mahdis66 says:

        Oh My God, i didnt know that, i had it last year but i was getting sick all the time, it wasnt as bad as this year tho, this year i was in bed for two weeks when i got sick, so i was thinking about getting another shot but now i have doubts :O

      2. bmccartn2013 says:
        Here is the link to the Story! Every year these things happen , so I have never had this shot. orange juice, lemon juice, Vitamin C tabs, Keep Warm, Lot of green juices/Smoothies will do the trick. Living in Japan through winter I was fit as a fiddle except for my first winter because you know your body goes through that transition.
        I moved here and started eating all the crap in NY and yup I got sick after a year of not feeding my body right. If you keep your body in an alkaline state girl, the Flu will run next door! Do Lemon water, oranges etc and it will help 🙂

  9. bmccartn2013 says:

    Enjoy the snow and the festivities guys! Stay warm 🙂 and stay healthy!

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