Sacrifice on ice?

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 9.32.39 PMLet’s go on a mind trip to the Pasasjarvi Lake in Ivalo, Finland. A very cold location throughout the year, reaching temperatures of (minus) -30 Celsius in the winter. Why are we here today? Porsche has developed a Training Center on this lake and gives Porsche customers and fanatics the opportunity to have the perfect driving trainings in the new Porsche 911, during extreme winter conditions. This is Camp 4S.

 This ultimate 5-day program is under guidance of experienced Porsche Sport drivers that will teach you how to stabilize your Porsche in the ice slalom, how to survive on the off-road trails and how to master skidding on a special skid-path. After two days of training you can join the Porsche Lake Challenge, ‘ride-alongs’ with the instructors, play with go-karts on ice or do some exploring with the snowmobile tour.

This adventurous trip to the Porsche Driving Experience Center in Finland is definitely on my bucket-list. Although you will experience severe weather conditions; you can’t get a better chance to play and learn with a Porsche on a unique location! Plus, as a Porsche diehard, you will enjoy every moment of it!

Please watch the short movie below to get the fix! Would you ‘sacrifice’ on ice?


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  1. bmccartn2013 says:

    I saw the cars and I knew it was you before I even looked at the author 🙂 Finally and I loved this post! Not sure I would sacrifice a thing on ice or anywhere else lol…’cause I am just a coward like that. I would go and watch though. The cars are beautiful!!

    1. nlevendag says:

      Common J!!! Dress for it and you’ll be fine 😉

  2. devonnejackson2013 says:

    I hate cold weather!I have friends that race amongst other things in Queens. I love to watch but never would I be inside a car. Way too dangerous and I am def a thrill seeker but I think racing cars + ice is playing with fire.

  3. ywang410 says:

    exciting but dangerous. it really needs skills!! i don’t think i can handle that.

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