River running free, You know how I feel…

For my “check in” blog this week I wanted to share with you a saying that we have in the world of recovery called H.A.L.T it stands for “hungry, angry, lonely, and tired”. I wanted to share this quote for all of you because we went through preparing for mid terms last week, finishing up mid terms this week and for me I immediately thought of this saying  (probably one of the most popular and most important of all 12 step quotes I have shared with you this semester).

It is important for an addict to stay in touch with their feelings and emotions. It is feelings and emotions that often lead to triggers, which can cause a relapse. Talking about my feelings and emotions during the day on my twitter page https://twitter.com/TRCMPROJECT helps me sort through my feelings as the day progresses. All of you can also share with me your emotions throughout the day on my open forum Twitter page. You will also find on my page various links to music videos and song lyrics that inspire me and drive me through those emotions and feelings during the day.

When I told my friends in recovery I was returning to graduate school right after a relapse they urged me not to, to protect myself, shield myself from the potential “failure” and how it could affect my sobriety. However, for me I do not live in a glass house, I trust my instincts in sobriety and I knew it was time for me to move forward and make progress.

I knew that over the course of the semester I was going to have to pay attention to being – hungry, angry, lonely and tired  because it would affect my motivation towards schoolwork but also those feelings would affect my recovery.

I didn’t fully realize this until this week of midterms. It was vital for me to stay well fed to keep my energy level up, keep my brain working. It was key for me not to get angry and frustrated and stay on a planned out schedule- taking on one task at a time. I didn’t allow myself to get to lonely, consistently keeping in touch with friends and family. Allowing myself to get adequate sleep was key to getting through midterms week and being able to have my normal social life on the side.

I wanted to bring this quote to your attention so that all of you could apply it to finals week. When you find yourself getting: hungry, angry, lonely or tired. All you have to do is remember “HALT” say it in your brain and force yourself to take a break from whatever it is that your doing, identify then satisfy one of those feelings and I guarantee you that finals week will be a walk in the park.


It’s a new dawn’

It’s a new day

It’s a new life

For me

And I’m feeling good


Headline and closing of weekly “check in” blog is taken from Michael Buble song “Feeling Good”.


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  1. alatil9 says:

    I like your post! And thanks for sharing the 12 step quotes. I always enjoyed looking at this kind of quotes 😉
    ps: dont be stress, angry, hungry, lonely and tired Finals it’s just “finals” 🙂

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