Wanna get the best headshots in NYC?

So many have been asking me where I got my Headshots taken!  So I have decided to dedicate this blog post to New York City’s best….Mr. Barry Morgenstein of Barry Morgenstein Photography.

I  met Barry through my Media Coach Patricia Stark after I completed a Tv Anchoring Training course with her. I took her advise and going to Barry Morgenstein is the best photo decision I have made to date.

Not only was he voted New York’s Best for three years straight, but he is professional and quite amicable. If you’re camera shy, he is the person to go to. I promise, you’ll forget about the lights and everything else that surrounds you while on your shoot.

Barry has worked with countless talents and celebrities. Check out his website to see  photos of popular TV anchors, singers, actors and yours truly! For more of my photos with Barry, check out my website www.bernadeemccartney.com.

He also has the best Make up artistes on deck to help create that perfect finish. His staff pick for me is  Rachel Bensimon. She knows her stuff and she is fantastic!

Feel free to check out Barry’s website if what you seek is FABULOUS! His Headshots will get you to exactly where you need to be professionally. You’re about to make the best decision of your life!!!

Check out some of his work below and Click the links above! What are you waiting for???

Bernadee McCartney Tv Hosting Headshot


Megan Kelly of Fox News, Scottie Nell Hughes, Dana Perino and  Nicole Stellars!

Alex Miranda of OK TV

The Legend Chuck Berry

Dari Alexander of FOX News

8 Comments Add yours

  1. bmccartn2013 says:

    Thanks for all the likes guys!!

  2. fbukhari says:

    WOw !Yea , I love the all headshots .Seems very gorgeous

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      Thanks Fadyah! And those were just what I grabbed from him at the last minute…check out his website 🙂

  3. alatil9 says:

    I’m one of those who asked you to know about the photographer, so i have to like it 🙂
    No really he did a great job, your pictures are just amazing!

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      Haha thanks Audrey!! Appreciate it…..best photographer I have encountered.

  4. ywang410 says:

    headshot can give people the first impress, and i like your photos here and i also hope to have a good headshot that i can use on social media.

  5. bmccartn2013 says:

    Thank you Wang! If you wanna get them done let me know 🙂 check out his website and give him a call. He is quite approachable!

  6. bmccartn2013 says:

    Remember guys, hit me up for headshot info! Barry is the best. Just let me now on Facebook

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