Chocolate Lovers


How to keep warm during winter ?

I have my own idea…

Last wednesday we were walking on the street with my friends, doing shopping and wanted to be warm by having a good time.

We decided to have a stop at Max Brenner and eat a delicious chocolate fondue. Hmm was amazing. As you can see my picture, the fondue is coming with banana, strawberry, cake, biscuits and marshmallow and a small fire. It made me think about my camping few years ago when I lived in Guadeloupe. We used to make a fire on the beach, buy marshmallow and we all sit around to burn and eat these marshmallow.

We ca also choose the chocolate we want, white, milk, dark and even caramel… Seriously what’s else?? 😉

I fall in love with this perfect restaurant where I could be happy and warm at the same time. This chocolate factory has many others dishes to satisfy you as well as sweet as salty. I’ve seen a waffle sandwich which looked wonderful and a chocolate and marshmallow piece of pizza.   Since the you smell the good odor of hot chocolate. There is a small shop where you can find many kind of chocolate into boxes. The chocolate that is flowing in big tank makes you hungry.

All chocolate lovers should visit this place which is is warm and surrounding by nice people. The atmosphere is cosy, waiters are very nice and efficient. Warming ambiance for cold weather this is how I felt while having my time at Max Brenner.

This chocolate factory and restaurant is situated in Union square district really close to the subway and the famous place of this neighborhood. Come in and you will find all the energy you need for this Fall!

On weekend they have a brunch menu which is inviting for sure!IMG_0951


6 Comments Add yours

  1. bmccartn2013 says:

    OOOhhhh Chocolate does sound good to get that warmth going. My Landlord has not turned on the heat yet so I guess chocolate will do the trick!

    1. alatil9 says:

      It’s really great idea to keep warm our bodies 🙂

  2. tsunami08 says:

    I always wanted to try something like this with fruit. Hopefully one day I can.

    1. alatil9 says:

      Strawberry and chocolate it’s wonderful! You should try it 🙂

  3. Shalini says:

    Really Audrey! I am writing this comment after seeing your picture. This is my revolt against food and yummy delicious deserts on blogs. The chocolate looks scrumptious. I want to pick one marshmallow, dip it in the chocolate sauce and gobble it down. yes that’s what the picture is doing to me right now. so, no I wont read your blog to torture me any further~

  4. ssseason says:

    I have been this restaurant several times!! Their chocolate pizza is so gooood!!! 😀

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