Are you a Thanksgiving Lover?

2013-10-14 17.39.19Last weekend, October 11th through the 15th, I was pleasantly enjoying the fresh clean air in Toronto Canada. Just in case you’re wondering why I was in Canada…well, it was Thanksgiving there! Yes Canada celebrates Thanksgiving roughly a month before the USA and I must say the festivities are very similar.

Like here, you can expect families to be home together and enjoying each other’s company.  The celebrations began on Friday and ended on Monday. It was an entire weekend of Thanksgiving dinners, barbecues (Yes Barbecues), church services and a bit of bad weather. What the heck though, you gotta give thanks for that too haha! By the way, do we have Barbecues at Thanksgiving here in the US?

I had a blast! I spent five days with my aunt and uncle and it sure felt good to be pampered. You know the way it is when you’re a guest right? Perfect! The environment was conducive to relaxation and peace. All I thought about was cutting up a turkey, or in our case a turkey breast. Yummm!!

If you have never experienced a Canadian Thanksgiving, you haven’t missed much. It is quite like celebrating here, except they don’t do the Sweet Potato Pies! Pumpkin Pies are their thing.

Thanksgiving for the USA is right around the corner. What are your plans this year?

Freshly Baked Stuffed Turkey Breast..YUMMM

2013-10-14 17.34.53

And who doesn’t love some Cranberry Slices!!!

2013-10-14 17.22.00


2013-10-14 17.31.30

Breadcrumbs fresh off the stove….My favorite

2013-10-14 17.23.35

Special Sauce being made on the stove for the Turkey

2013-10-14 17.22.36

Jamaican Curried Goat! For those of you who enjoy lamb, it’s the exact taste and texture. I no longer eat red meat but this is really delicious if you are interested.

2013-10-14 17.39.31

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  1. Shalini says:

    I’m looking forward to my first Thanksgiving in NY. I have high expectations 🙂 By the way the curried goat looks mouthwatering… yummmmy

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      Girl I was tempted while sitting next to because it smelled sooooo good and the curry gravy it was in was so rich! lol You will enjoy Thanksgiving here though, lots of things to sample!

  2. haaaaaaao says:

    Looks interesting! I think Thanksgiving is a good chance to know more about American culture… Can’t wait for that!

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      Definitely! What better way to learn about a culture than to explore its food! You are right about that one! I am sure you will enjoy it 🙂

  3. haaaaaaao says:

    Oh, BTW, do you know the differences between Thanksgiving in CA and the US? except the date.

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      Good question! I don’t actually…besides date and the pumpkin pies not a thing. I’m guessing you mean the background story right? I’l be back to answer that! 🙂

    2. bmccartn2013 says:

      Here is some info I found for you 🙂

      1. haaaaaaao says:

        Got it. Thanky you Bernadee!

      2. bmccartn2013 says:

        No Problem @haaaaaaao anytime girl!

  4. tsunami08 says:

    My ticket has been booked for over a month now. i usually spend Thanksgiving with my family in Fl. I cant wait to see my mom I havent seen her in over a year. im looking forward to the slightly warm weather and food. Hopefully i can take a break from cooking also.

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      I feel you on taking a break from cooking! I do cook a lot myself and frankly I am over it! lol
      My mom lives in Florida too!!! I will be in NY for thanksgiving though. I am sure you will have fun in the warm weather. Perfect timing too since the winter is upon us!

  5. tdalvano says:

    excellent pictures thank you for sharing what your culture eats for the holidays

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      @tdalvano Thanks hon! Anytime…Jamaicans do give a bit of a twist to Thanksgiving

  6. alatil9 says:

    Hey i heard about Canadian Thanksgiving! It’s strange that it’s not the same date but like that you can celebrate it too times 🙂
    Where do you have family in Canada? I love this country where I’ve been many times for skying!
    Concerning thanksgiving I was in SF last year and we just went to a restaurant to have diner with my friends. What I would like it to see a real ” family diner” from US Family! I dont have plans this year yet but I wondering of going to Texas in a hos family maybe to make it real!!

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      that sounds fun Audrey! Having a family meal would definitely make it different. I know my mom usually does an entire turkey, an entire baked chicken, ox tail, curried goat or lamb, pork, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pies, rice and peas…girl it is a full on affair and even though I don’t eat most of all that stuff, it is fun just seeing the festivities!
      I have family in Toronto, so I go every now again. This was my first trip in two years though. You should tell me about your San Francisco trip!!! 🙂

  7. omejia121 says:

    OMG…Your post just made me hungry and so excited for thanksgiving, only one more month left. YaY!!! 🙂

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      I know! I am already thinking of a meal plan…..or maybe I will just go out to eat. What you cooking Oscar?!

  8. stonjr89 says:

    Thanksgiving is the only holiday people accept me for the 2 stomach-ed young man that I am. I dont really have 2 stomachs but I might as well 😀

    I love Thanksgiving I been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the fam the last 2 years now. Probably gonna take this one off though.

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      lol @stonjr that’s funny! I got a lot of male cousins though so I know exactly what you mean. So you’re a cook? Awesome and lucky family! 🙂

  9. Shalini says:

    @stonjr, you cook? That’s really awesome!

    1. bmccartn2013 says:

      @stonjr, you should cook for all of us…potluck maybe?

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