Good guy goes to heaven, bad guy goes to Pattaya!

Pattaya City

Pattaya is a seaside city popular with foreign tourists which famous for its beautiful beach resort in Thailand. It will take just two and a half hours to drive from the capital city Bangkok. I had my vacation there this June. It greatly fed my sight.

IMG_8015This is a very interesting place, it’s a city never sleeps. Honestly, once I entered the borders of Pattaya, I was drunk and was not awake until the airplane landed back in Shanghai. That is in my case, but in most cases, people there just end up with different Thai girls every night, unfortunately, I’m a girl, I did not enjoy their “package holiday to Thailand”.

Actually, at the very beginning, I would like to introduce how beautiful the beach is or something like fancy hotels there won’t cost you too much money… but I failed. Night clubs and walking street full of Thai girls would be the thing impacted me most. Don’t ask me why I chose Pattaya as a single girl’s destination, I just made a mistake and went to a men’s Eden, or, as said, “good guy goes to heaven, bad guy goes to Pattaya,” I really like to experience as one of bad guys. If you are an adult male looking for fun, congratulations, welcome to the paradise! The girls just line up along the street enticing you to spend time with them, and take them out.

IMG_8002Anyway, Pattaya is good for everybody. I really had a wonderful time there with my friends. People don’t care who you are, where you from and what you believe in. The best thing I’d like to do is forget all and listen to the laughter around, enjoy yummy Thai food and beautiful sea sight. It’s a magic place with happiness, nobody gonna be hurt. No trouble, no sorrow, no censure.

By the way, the cocktail at the right side names “Blue Pattaya”, it’s one of my favorite drinks in Thailiand, don’t forget to give a shot!



At last, I guess you may like to know more details about this passionate city, I can’t tell you more, but it may help. B-)


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  1. Shalini says:

    In Thailand one of my favourite places is the Phi Phi Island. It’s exquisite and gorgeous. The water is different shades of blue, depending on which part of the island you are viewing it from. It can be a single travellers destination as it’s fun and crazy and can be peaceful and quiet, depending on what you are looking at. I’ve been there 4 times in the last 6 years, that’s how much I love it…

    1. haaaaaaao says:

      Phi Phi Islands! got it! Paradise of village beach resort & SPA! Definitely won’t miss that! Thank you for sharing~ : )

  2. alatil9 says:

    Oh I would love to visit Thailand! I have lots of friend who have been there and they make me jealous! Thanks for your nice article 😉

  3. bmccartn2013 says:

    LOved this post! I wanted so badly to visit Thailand when I was living in Asia…it never happened due to work constraints. I still do wanna go. I had quite a few male associates who would go for the very same reasons you mentioned in your post haha.. some men I tell you!!! Great post!

  4. tdalvano says:

    im learning alot of asian culture this semester from these blods, the food the places great

  5. mahdis66 says:

    well i’ve been to Pattaya and it was such a hell for me,from the second day i’ve been there i went to sleep for 5 minutes by the beach and i got sunburned so bad that i had to stay at the hotel for the rest of my vacation :))

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