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  1. fbukhari says:

    Wow ! it is really gorgeous information ! I’m wondering of this historcal festival .Do you think where can I find the moon cake 🙂

    1. ssseason says:

      You can get the moon cake from China town or Flushing. You should try it! It really tasty! 😀

  2. ywang410 says:

    You make me miss my home. I hope I can have moon cake this festival.

    1. ssseason says:

      I miss my home and my family, too!!! 😥

  3. Never have I ever heard of moon cake and I practically live on china town due to one of my favorite Chinese bakeries being there. Due to your article I will definitely go hunting for this cake and I’m going to attend the festival too. I would love to learn more about the legendary stories and your culture.

  4. tdalvano says:

    thank you for this informative post, i enjoyed reading it and learning about something new!!! i like it when people share different cultural things

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