XOORO® – A Concept that Must be in New York!

I’m a big fan of chocolates, sweet and salty combinations, pastries, and of course “churros”. Who had never tried this delicious fritter? I’m sure you had, and if you are not you should!

I remember I watched an interview on Food Network about a place that just make gourmet churros. This place name is “XOORO®”, and is a franchise that first established in 2008 in Los Angeles, California. XOORO® has created their original concept and brand, which drives over 96 different countries to their website. Also, this new concept had been mentioned by ABC, Fox News, Food Network, Los Angeles magazine and many others.

I had tried churros before, but this is a different kind of churro, it looks irresistible, and I’m sure if my paladar tried those will go to another level. I’m incredibly curious about the flavors they have, such as: tiramisu, almond creme, macadamia and maple bacon, from 50 other possible flavor proprietary creations – Oh wow, those are a lot of flavors to try! I really can’t wait to try them all!

I was wondering why they do not have this concept in New York? I’m pretty sure new yorkers would love it! In this cosmopolitan city this concept will be a huge success.

So, have you ever heard about this concept before? Did you watch the interview in Food Network? If not watch it here!

Food Network “Kid in a Candy Store” –  XOORO®

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  1. lalalaurenmc says:

    Thanks for making me drool all over my keyboard with this post. (specifically the photo) But it’s a pretty good idea! I read an article recently about how the gourmet cupcake industry is failing because people are “over” the fad. So what better time then to introduce gourmet churros! Also, I’m still hoping for a gourmet cannoli store to open in the city! I don’t know if they exist anywhere actually…but they should!!

    1. rebeccareyescre says:

      Ohh really? I didn’t know that about cupcake industry, that’s pretty interesting! I think maybe this concept will work in here, a lot of people are like me into sweet stuff! and also is a different way to indulge a churro.

  2. sandievieten says:

    The first one with coconut on top – that’s mine.. I really like churros and I think the concept sounds very interesting. And as Lauren also says the cupcake industry is suffering so now is the time for churros. I haven’t heard about the specific concept you mention but I always get churros when I’m in Tivoli back in Denmark

    1. rebeccareyescre says:

      Ok Sandie, the coconut one is all yours, if you do not touch the tiramisu one! Yes girl, this concept it is interesting, I’m just imagine that texture in my mouth, crunchy, chocolate melting in my mouth,crunchy almonds, my coffee…wow! Too much! I really would like to try them! It is a shame they do not have any located in New York, such a big city! If they bring one here, we gotta try them all!

  3. krisztinai says:

    I would like to try the almond creme one. How does a churro get its shape?

  4. ClemDoud says:

    OMG. I love churros. I remind me summer moments, beach and sunshine. I nerver heard about this concept but that sound great. Can you ask them to bring the concept here before I leave ? 😉

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