After the button “Like”, Facebook Home

Conference of Facebook Home Source :
Conference of Facebook Home Source :
Facebook has announced the launch of Facebook Home, soon on Android. This is probably the biggest innovation since the launch button “Like”. Revealed on April the 4th 2013, Facebook Home is available first on the first HTC AT & T, Facebook is trying to increase the engagement with this new “version” of Facebook. Zuckerberg said in the press conference that cellphones were mainly built around applications but now with Facebook Home, things will change. Smartphones are now built around users, users want to know what happens to those around them.

Facebook Home has been created, with a redesign of the Facebook experience. You don’t need to open your phone to see what your friends are doing because is directly in front of you.Facebook Home offers a home screen in the colors of Facebook with real-time display of the latest articles posted by your friends, published photos. On top of that different notifications are available directly on the home screen. The application also introduces the Cat Heads: to talk to your friends at any time of two ways: via private messages or SMS directly. As a bonus, Facebook Home implements shortcuts as icons on any homepage smartphone to directly launch the Facebook features you want to use: publish status, share photos. Zuckerberg says that users look at their phones 100 times per day. The new features are chats, notifications flow hedge and Apps, all designed to make the navigation, the commitment and the use easier and more friendly.

This allows Facebook to always know better its users but it could also mean the thaw in relations between Google and Facebook. Facebook Home runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean version, which makes it accessible to millions of Android users, and does not depend on Android updates. After reading a lot of press article on this topic, most of journalist are saying that this is a smart move by Facebook.

I don’t know if it’s a real good idea.Don’t you think that Facebook is already pervading our lives ? But if we consider that almost everybody are surfing on Facebook each day, why not to access on it easily ?
Anyway all Iphone holders don’t have the chance to try this new experience of Facebook yet.

I can not wait to have your reactions about this new version of one of the largest social networks.

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  1. lalalaurenmc says:

    I’m kind of happy I own an iPhone right now and won’t be tempted to try out this new Facebook “overload” as I’d like to call it. I (like many others I’m sure) have grown tired of Facebook. I could care less what my friend had to eat that day, or who broke up again, or taking “selfies” on days they think they look good. Facebook already bombards you with a bunch of (excuse my French but it describes most Facebook content perfectly) shit that you don’t need to consume, and now they are going to engulf your phone with it? No thanks. Facebook can stay a place I check every now and then when I’m bored and not my entire life. I’ve already become frustrated with how connected people are that they ignore real life and this will most likely make it worse.

  2. ClemDoud says:

    I like your answer. Most of news are saying that this is a huge creation. But I am worried that this new Facebook home will make people tired of Facebook more than ever

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