Do you think the image of first lady will improve the nation’s image?
Peng Liyuan in Moscow for her first visit abroad as first lady. She has cut back on her singing as her husband’s political star has risen


Recently, The main media in US like CNN,NYTIMES write some articles about china’s new first lady Peng, Liyuan, who is glamorous, fashionable and one  nation’s best-known singers, a startling contrast to her dour-looking predecessors. The articles praise her with worlds like True, beautiful, kind, natural and graceful, intelligent, virtuous.

Public diplomacy Star

A high popularity in the international community’s first lady, will effectively soften the “strong” China’s international image, and can help China to win international support. Peng reduced the explosures to public eyes since 2007 while she joined some Charitable activities that could help her to build fresh public image.In 2011 Peng, Liyuan was hired as the ambassador for tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS prevention. in addition, she also participated “was smoking, I don’t do it” public welfare activities with Microsoft chairman,Bill Gates in 2012.

Overall, the women’s influence is not big on the top of Chinese politics, the current political bureau of the CPC central committee that consists of 25 members of the , only has liu yandong and Sun Chunlan two women. peng liyuan’s high-profile appearance seems to show that her husband, xi jinping’s confidence in both China’s internal and international affairs.

Sides effects 

U.S. first lady michelle Obama brought a total of about $2.7 billion of economic benefits for the clothing brand of Jason Wu that she weared before. She become the most powerful booster behind the American fashion industry. And this time, Peng, Liyuan wears the local national brands of fashion caused a new round of national brand popularity boom. Peng liyuan’s dress attracted media attention, such as the black bag, tailor appropriated coat when she walked out of the cabin door. and the shining pearl earrings in her ear, are the domestic good local brand product. The local brand” exception” was a low profiles brand in china before, but after Peng weared the brand products, consumers purchases the same style coats, bag in crazy.

I believe the influences that first lady brings are not simple as I listed above. From my opinions, the appropriate first lady image will strength the image of nation with no doubt. But be careful, don’t cross the line that take off her husband.




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