Disney Forever

alice-in-wonderlandFrom the time I was only a few years old, I started loving Disney Movies.  I especially liked the ones with Princesses like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White.  I used to watch several Disney movies a week.  I have three younger sisters so I have continued watching Disney movies as I grew up.


I have also had the priviledge of being able to visit Disney world twice.  I went once when I was fourteen and once a year and a half ago.  Disney World is amazing for anyone who likes Disney.  The rides, attractions, characters, parades, and sights are incredible.  The first time we went my mom was pregnant with my little sister but this last time she was six so it was so much fun for her.  My whole family went and my boyfriend and my brothers girlfriend came as well so there was nine of us all together.  It was one of the best trips I’ve ever had.

My sister and I watched Alice in Wonderland yesterday which has been my favorite Disney movie for many years now.  The characters are funny and different from any other Disney movie.  The animation and all the creativity is what makes it my favorite.  Watching Disney movies with my sister is something fun that we can do together and we both enjoy it a lot.  There is a great feeling that I get when I watch Disney movies and they remind me of my childhood.

Which Disney movie is your favorite?

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  1. thevaultjm says:

    There’s so many to choose from but my childhood favorite is The Little Mermaid!

  2. sandievieten says:

    I agree with you – Disney movies is the greatest entertainment no matter how old you are. I’ve always loved Aladin and also Lion King. It’s actually only a few years ago that I decided to all of Disney movies because it’s was so long ago. I really like all the different animation (pixar) movies as well, but there is something special about this more traditional cartoon movie.

  3. lalalaurenmc says:

    It’s so great that it seems like everyone has a shared love of Disney movies. I know I will definitely be showing them to my future kids someday too so they can love them as well. If I had to pick one favorite Disney movie, it would have to be Lion King. It’s probably because I always loved animals, but the story was so great too! I actually had a Simba T-shirt that I wore all the time as a kid because I loved it so much. It’s so funny seeing me niece playing with the Disney princess dolls because it shows that Disney movies really do carry over from generation to generation.

  4. moeski29 says:

    There is something magical about everything Disney. My favorite Disney movie is Lion King. I’m still pissed at Scar for killing Mufasa.

  5. krisztinai says:

    I love the Lion King, and the opening song always gives me the chills with the music and the assembly of African animals. My top 3 favorite Disney princesses are Jasmine, Ariel, and Pocahontas.
    Do kids these days watch the Lion King? I hope they do because they’d be missing out.

  6. made2bloved143 says:

    I love Disney movies! Like everyone else I love Lion King too and Aladdin! That’s funny because I actually went to go see Oz the Great and Powerful with my siblings over the break and we loved it! Disney always gets it right! I also love Disney World I have been once when I was about 12 and have always planned to go back!

  7. cortinafanny says:

    Disney movies are universal ! Even now, I enjoy watching them and it reminds me of my childhood 🙂 I’ve been to Disney in Paris and in Tokyo, that was a nice experience ! I

  8. katiekrikorian says:

    I loved Aladdin and the Lion King as well. I’ver probably seen both of them like a million times each. My favorite “new” Disney movie is Finding Nemo. I would love to go to DIsney World in another country, that sounds awesome!

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