Brooklyn’s Best Red Velvet Cake is No More!!

Twelve years ago, Brooklyn was introduced to what is now known as Brooklyn’s #1 Spot for Red Velvet cake.  And on November 26, 2012, Brooklyn be saying farewell to the “Best Red Velvet” cake.

Cake Man Raven Confectionery, located in Fort Greene, will be closing its doors after years of service to Brooklyn; mainly Brooklyn Heights/Fort Greene community with delectable treats and whole-hearted community service.  Although originated in Harlem, Cake Man Raven brought edible excitement to Brooklyn through his talented baking skills and strong impact in the community.  Cake Man Raven has been a part of as well as sponsored many parade, festivals, events, etc. in Brooklyn.

Raven’s reason for closing the store is the gentrification of the neighborhood.  As Brooklyn Heights gets more popular, the rent gets higher.  “I can’t compete in a real estate market that has no interest in the history people have in a building or in a community,” said Cakeman.  Aside from the rent issues, Cakeman Raven wants to focus on other goals, which include, future television shows (which he is in talks with two networks about), his special events company, and a bakery school.  Cakeman Raven plans to work on these future ventures out of his spacious studio located in East New York.

Red Velvet cake by the slices.

Hundreds of red velvet cakes have been sold by the whole and by the slice by Cakeman Raven.  Although he is well known amongst celebrities and public figures, such as Mary J. Blige, Bill Cosby, and Mariah Carey, I believe his best clients were his Brooklyn neighbors.   I don’t think there was ever a time driving down Fulton Street that I didn’t stop in to purchase a slice of red velvet cake.  One slice was big enough for two people (Sorry! I never shared mine).

Although The Cakeman Raven Confectionery is shutting their doors, there is no need to fret.  If  you suddenly get a rush or crave for red velvet cake, he will be taking phone orders and continue to bake out of his studio.



8 Comments Add yours

  1. aingnz says:

    oh. unfortunately, I love velvet cake. I once tried to bake it myself but i failed. 😦

  2. elysenicolepr says:

    OMG my cakes and pie table was so barren this Thanksgiving! 😦 I used to love Cakeman Raven!!! I’m telling you like love love love. But I had to break up with the Red Velvet once I found out they had closed down for health code violations twice before. Now that you are saying he’s up and running again at a different location I may be willing to give them a second chance.

  3. chanisathan says:

    so unfortunately :(((( I really love red velvet cake.

  4. slimmythinks says:

    I as well took a break from them Elyse when I read about their health code violations. And after they fixed the problems and opened back, I didn’t find their cake to taste to same. Now it became overrated. I think this was because a lot of people suddenly turned to the baking industry. So I had my taste of different red velvet cakes that actually tasted better than Cake Man Raven. Still had to get my fix when i was i the area. LOL!

  5. Eakkasit says:

    OMG my gf favorite cake.

  6. Fitz says:

    Go to Docd Southern Desserts for the best Red Velvet and Banana Pudding in Brooklyn… It’s located near Boys & Girls high off the A train Utica station…

    1. slimmythinks says:

      Thanks I will give them a shot.

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