The topic of dicussion ALL DAY today on the social media networks has been about this video that was posted on WorldStarHipHop.com.  A lot of back and forth and heated debates about it.

The video, taken by a passenger on his cell phone, takes place on a bus in Cleveland.  A female passenger is arguing with the male bus driver (who knows what about).  The video clearly shows the woman being very verbally abusive to the bus driver; provoking him to say the least.  A few seconds later, the woman either hits or spits on the bus driver; which leads him to stop the bus, get up and PUNCH…excuse me…UPPERCUT the young woman.

The video hit over a million views on WorldStarHipHop.com and YouTube, which led the bus driver to be suspended from his job as well as internet petitions to have him fired. Now, I looked at this video over and over again in order to come up with a complete opinion.  As a MAN, he is wrong for hitting the young woman.  However, she provoked him.  Like the driver said, “You wanna be a man, I’ll treat you like a man!”  What makes it even worse, she continued to attack him.  What bothers me about the video, though, you hear passengers in the background yelling, “She’s a female!!” But no one was yelling that when she was acting up and provoking the bus driver.  I’m not sure about the laws in Cleveland, but if this were to occur in New York City, you as much as put a finger on ANY Bus Driver or Train Conductor, you automatically get up to 7 years in prison.

The views and opinions on this video are quite interesting and, well…funny (I confess…I laughed a couple times watching the video).

Check out the video below.  What is your view on the video?  Was he wrong?  Should he be fired? Should he do jail time? Let’s Talk!

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  1. Nerissa says:

    No one even tried to stop her, well one person. He is literally driving the bus with passengers and she continues to curse, step up to his face and carry on provoking him. He could of crashed but it was funny then. People moving to the back and some even laughing. No one thought of the danger they were in. When he hit her at that point everyone screaming and wants the situation to stop. Pure Ignorance!!!!!

    1. slimmythinks says:


  2. Movie Theatre MGR says:

    I’ve dreamt of doing this to so many customers at my job I wouldn’t even be able to count. “Talk shit, get hit” rang in my mind right away, and yes I too laughed hysterically at this video. That may make me a monster but it’s the truth. They’re screaming “she’s a woman”, but you’re right, it was all fun and games when the chick was acting absolutely 100% ridiculous and unruly? Karma 🙂

  3. elysenicolepr says:

    I had to watch this video literally 5 times to really believe that this was really happening. His force was a bit excessive and unfortunately he probably will loose his job, however he was assaulted first. Who the hell wants to be abused while trying to do their job. At least now, he’s a Youtube sensation. LOL

    1. slimmythinks says:

      I agree. He didn’t have to be that harsh with that uppercut. However who knows what mind state he was in prior to the altercations and her attacking him may have fueled him up a little more.

  4. Dana A.Whatley says:

    She was out of line and unruly. She actually auditioned for this ass whipping.

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