A great painter: Francois d’Izarny

Francois d’Izarny was born in Paris, he is French. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Dijon, France and only one year later he has his first exhibition.

He has travelled a lot around the world. He went to the United States and Japan where he has developed his technique and his inspiration.

He has created many different series but the most famous of them are “The Studio” and “Le Bouquet”.

The serie of the studio represents an artist studio dedicated to a special artist like the one for Picasso. He uses a mix media to create his piece, which means he uses print and paintings. Some of those pieces are only painted, but the majority is mix media. In each piece of the serie we can distinguish a bottle of Petrus, like his signature.

The serie “Le bouquet” is also great! The flowers seem to be real, and seem to have a special movement like if they were dancing it is impressive!


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  1. Fengyin Lin says:

    These paintings are so fantastic, I like the color he created. Well, do you know where I can see his gallery or exhibition in New York? I am looking forward to appreciating them.

    1. Camille Cremieux says:

      His work is amazing! You can see some of his pieces in a gallery in NYC nammed Galerie Elysees. It is located between the 7th av and 59st! Enjoy!

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