Pillow Fight in NYC

The pillow fight is a game for any kids. The principle is pretty simple hit the adversary with a pillow. It is a soft fight! Since 2008, an event group has created the concept of the International Pillow Fights. All over the world they organize a huge meeting with people who wants to play the game. This year a lot of cities were part of the concept: Los Angeles, Paris, Milan… and also New York City!


The event took place at Union Square and at Washington Square. 

The persons who organize it in NYC have created a Facebook event in the morning of the D-Day in order to create a surprise effect. Everyone came with his/her own pillow (which has to be a soft one!) .

There are few rules in order to stay in a nice fight and to limit the problems: people who are wearing glasses have to remove them and it is forbidden to swing at people without pillows or with cameras. The pajamas were welcoming and the fight could begin!

I didn’t have my pillow, so I was just watching at the fight and it was really impressive! There were feathers everywhere on the ground and in the sky, people were watching like if it was a boxing ring! For those who didn’t see the fight and would like to participate, you have to wait one more year and if you were in the fight give me your impressions!!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. ramanatta says:

    I wanted to join…Next year i wont miss it. it looks awesome flighting!! : )

  2. SteenC says:

    I never heard about this… thanks for posting. I want to join – looks fun!

  3. Xtra0rdinary says:

    I read about this story on the news. Might partake in this pillow fight next year!!

  4. jinal says:

    Damn! i have been reading about this since I was in India and thought will take part in it once. hard luck 😦 but will try it next year

  5. yonag says:

    I was so sad to miss it! It must have been so much fun !!! Maybe next year, we can create one in Paris !!!

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