What is MDGs??

What is MDGs?

MDGs is  Millennium development Goals.   MDGs goals  aim to improve the living condition of people around the world .   It is the international development goals that all United Nations member states planning to achieve by the year of 2015. This goal developed by United Nations. There are eight Development goals

1.Edicated Extreme Hunger and Poverty

2.Achieve Universal Primary education

3.Promote Gender equality and empowerment women

4.Reduce Child mortality rate

5. Improve maternal Health

6. Combat HIV/AIDS ,Malaria and other diseases

7. Ensure environmental sustainability

8.Develop global partnership for development

To change and develop this world,  We need to come together as a world nation to make these goal a reality .there are  many place in this world that still in need of help and the united nations is working together  with many countries trying to make things better and bring help to those in need. As a student , we can help by  know and be aware of what is going in the world, become a volunteer or donate for any kind of relief . it will take time to make thing better . we might be able to achieve the goal by 2015 or not. But at least,  you know , you can start now to help  and to make this world a better place to live


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