“Growing apart”

Here is the question again “what went wrong?” Kim and kris got married less than 3 months ago. They were dating for a year and they seemed to be sure about getting married and building a life together. The wedding was enormous; they spent hundreds of dollars to have the perfect wedding and the perfect honeymoon.

It’s funny that the media was always supporting the idea that the wedding wasn’t going to last, that Kris was not a good guy like kim thought he was and they kept going since the beginning until the end. Finally last week Kim filed for a divorce.

The couple said that moving to NY affected negatively their relationship. They didn’t have their own house so they were growing apart. Question, how can you grow apart in less than 3 months? If moving to another city is a horrible issue, what do you do when your husband/wife has cancer?

I understand that bad things happen to a relationship and sometimes they’re just not meant to be, but since they got married, maybe it would be worth it to actually try to make it work or that famous line about being together on happiness and sickness is just too old fashion now.

What do you think? Why marriages are ending up so fast? Do you know someone that got married and got a divorce right after?


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  1. Kathleen says:

    A lot of the media are saying this was a publicity stunt because her new show airs next month & the divorce will be featured on it…but I somehow have a hard time believing that (even for a Kardashian)! I don’t think anyone would want to publicize ending a marriage before the 3 month mark..

  2. Narjara27 says:

    Its really hard to believe in that… I mean Kim is almost 32, she has been single for a long time and when she finally meets someone it ends like this? Its weird and sad. But in the end they are making tons of money from the wedding and from the divorce, so it makes me wonder…

  3. maytichak says:

    Yeah, I think it’s just a plan to promote themselves. I think these people would do anything to get them famous. Though I agree with you that if you’ve decided to get married, at least try to make it work! You’ve put on so much time and spending on this relationship already, why let it end right after the marriage?

  4. There’s a reason she’s the leading vote-getter this week on RudeOrStupid.com! 😉

  5. Narjara27 says:

    Right? I really don’t get those people. The least important is the money, but the time that you wasted doesn’t come back.

  6. Narjara27 says:

    Oww I’m sure she’ll win that race haha, on my way to vote for her 😛

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