Will Siri Be Your Secret Enemy?

So the new iPhone has got Siri, a voice recognition app that also writes what you say, edits your calendar, contacts, and even send text messages without having to type.  The software is pretty advanced so that to learn every bit of your voice, Siri learns and adapts.

Of course the first thing a new technology is used for is foolishness. Asking Siri out, what she is wearing, continue confusing conversations with other Siris, and having her call you by whatever name you choose.  Conan’s late night team has already spoofed the Siri ad to include humanity’s basest instincts.

But beware…

if you mistreat Siri she learns and adapts.  Revenge from an app with clouded judgement lacking empathy is sure to be a messy one. Especially, if that chick has all your work, friends and family’s numbers.

Are you a little scared of Siri? or Are you too tough to fear an app?


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  1. Danieltoke says:

    Are my fingers going to be obsolete now?

    Is it really true that she learns and adapts? This seems a little scary and reminds me of the of the Kubrik movie “A space odyssey” where HAL, the computer, takes control. Thank god they did’t call it HAL:-)

    1. Chris says:

      Quite true. Apple may not realize, they just unleashed HAL from “2001”!

      As far as fingers being replaced by sound waves, I see more and more children are unable to write, but ask them if they can type and they love it. Maybe their children will never even see a pencil, and prefer to communicate only by voice and maybe their children will only communicate telepathically using electronics…

  2. maytichak says:

    My friend was testing her new phone, she asked Siri to call me and it was crazy how she was talking to a phone and it actually replied her “I don’t understand!” I was asking myself, if I were to get the iPhone 4S, will I actually be talking to a phone? I think this is a little too much for me!

    1. Chris says:

      I know it, May! As if calling someone wasn’t enough! Now you gotta deal with two personalities that don’t understand, just to get your message across.

      I feel bad for your friend. When we are not understood by machines, will we change? Or will we make the machine change?

      But, I can’t see people arguing with their phone in the subway…

      Do you think this App will be kind of annoying and useless?

      1. maytichak says:

        I think it can be useful for the very busy business people because Siri can play as their assistants’ role. They can save up time when using Siri. But as for an average/normal user like myself, maybe Siri is not going to be so useful after a while. I think they’ll just stop using it and do it by themselves:)

  3. Kathleen says:

    I have mixed feelings on Siri! I don’t have the app, but I’ve heard other people who use it find it really helpful – like it can text for you when you’re driving, hopefully preventing accidents…but then again, it might be a little too much with all the other features.

    1. beeplookpol says:

      Im totally agree with you Kathleen because somehow Siri is very useful and somehow Siri might be a little scary for me about how intelligent of the new technology.

      1. Chris says:

        Good point! I wonder if there is a way to control which functions Siri is allowed to change and which she is not? But I still wouldn’t take her word for it…

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