Do you judge a book by its cover?

How many times you judge people base on their look or how they dress?

Do you appreciate the person because of their material or their value?

In this material world, a lot of people are judging other people base on their look and apparent. If you judged other by their apparent  without getting to know them you might missed out your chance on getting to know the nicest person.   It is happening everyday in  life for example try to walk in to one of the expensive store with the old pair of jean and wash out color t-shirt   and come back again another day  with the very nice dress and brand name bag. Even the process of  making friends ,  We tend to be friends or hang around with  those who have similar taste as yourself or something you find common in those friends such as you shared the same interests as you and ignore those who different from you.  I believes that people need to more open minded to those who different from them and appreciate  the person as who they are as a person not their material.


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  1. Rebekah says:

    Yeahh… I think we all judge. I’ll be honest, it’s hard not to judge people by the way they look. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let them have a chance. We all do tend to be accepting of things that are similar to us or are similar to our interests. And after they make a first impression on us, it is really hard to change the way we think. BUT, a lot of times our first impressions are not 100% accurate. So, I agree .. I think we should all be more open minded and even if we do judge at least give a chance to prove your judgment wrong.

  2. maytichak says:

    I agree with Rebekah, we all judge, even myself! We can’t help it because the first impression does really matter. But yes, it’s true that everyone deserves a chance and we should all be open minded though it’s a hard thing to not to be judging! Personally, I take a bit longer time than average people in getting to know someone because I’m not that open up, but I’m trying to improve on that!;)

  3. suphansak says:

    some people are being like their first impression but some are not. So be nice to everyone and getting to know first before judging them.

  4. Narjara27 says:


    I have learned to never judge a person by appearance. I have been in some difficult situations because I made the mistake to make assumptions, so I decided I’m not doing it again. When I first meet someone I think ” Lets wait to see how its gonna be”
    First impressions are important but they don’t define a person.

    1. piyanuchp says:

      i am agree with you on that part that you said ” first impresssion are important but they don’t define a person” .

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