Chicago !


I finally booked my flight tickets to go to Chicago during Thanksgiving Break. I am really excited as I have never been there and it is supposed to be a great city.  I have bought a little guide to help me learn more about the city but I hope that you guys can give me more details about Chicago.

Chicago or the “Windy City” is known for its modern architecture so I hope we will have plenty of time to walk around the city and see interesting monuments in the Loop. I also want to go to the Art Institute of Chicago which is apparently one of the biggest museumin the United States.

One of my friend went to Chicago a couple years ago and told me I have to taste ribs! Is it good ?

Is there a place we should go to have a Thanksgiving meal? Or a bar to listen to Blues?


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  1. maytichak says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to Chicago! My friend just asked me to fly over and meet her there during Thanksgiving too. Sadly, I will have a visitor in town during that time.

  2. emcanna11 says:

    Oh you can go next time, its only a 2hours-flight from NYC! 😉

  3. Kathleen says:

    I’ve never been either, but I heard it’s a great city. I want to go soon. Hope you enjoy it. Hopefully it won’t be too cold there yet! 🙂

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