Technology Festival in DUMBO

JusticeAbout ten days ago I went to a technology festival in DUMBO held by The Creators Project. I came early and walked around looking at the art and installations all day and all of it was very interesting. Of course I have my favorits and I’ve picked out three experiences that I thought were the best.

1. Super Pong created by SuperÜber is an interactive installation where two teams play against each other. The game is a mashup of the old Atari game Pong and Table Football. It was so much fun playing the game that me and my friends kept coming back to play!

The Creators Project festival in DUMBO, NY from SuperUber on Vimeo.

2. Origin created by United Visual Artists (UVA) was an enormous  light installation. The grid structure measured 10x10x10 meters and was fitted with LED lights that was hooked up to a computer. UVA composed moving patterns synced with sounds. The audience inhabited the bottom of the structure and enjoyed the show. I was very nice experience and I impressed with the size, but a little disappointed about the lack of interactiveness. That aside is was very good!

3. Performance by Justice! I’m a big fan of Justice and this was only going to be af DJ set, but it turned out that they played some of the stuff from the new cd “Audio, Video, Disco” that came out on the 25th of October. It was an awesome performance that unfortunately got shut down by the NYPD.

If you want to hear the new Justice cd for free just click here

Last but not least here is a recap of events made by the creators Project themselves.

All in all I had a great day in DUMBO with a lot of cool installations and great performances! If any of you went let me hear what you thought of it.


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  1. maytichak says:

    OMG!! Such an awesome event! I wish they would hold it for a bit longer, I’d love to attend and play around with the different projects! (All of them seem fun!)
    Super Pong is such a great idea and so creative! And Justice definitely rocked!

    1. Danieltoke says:

      I know what you mean and if you really want to see some more just go to The Creator Projects website and check out the gallery. They have made some crazy stuff!

  2. beeplookpol says:

    I shouldn’t have missed it! I love techno music and I really wanted to go to Dumbo! ;P

    1. Danieltoke says:

      Plenty of time to see DUMBO, but don’t do it on a monday since a lot of the art shops are closed:-)

  3. Chris says:

    Ooh! That does look like fun. I love Justice and neon lights. Glad you got to go, Daniel, sounds like a cool group that put it on. Thanks for putting them on my radar!

  4. Now that we have all this new technology for our entertainment, it seems like we have difficulty being entertained without it.

    1. Danieltoke says:

      I think I understand what you mean, but would you mind elaborating on that? It’s an interesting observation and we only seems to reflect about it when the technology stops working:-)
      I can say though that I still like a good game of scrabble on the dining table instead of the iPhone…

  5. I was thinking about what people did in the earlier half of the decade for entertainment around the home. I can’t imagine we could go back to that and be legitimately entertained now that we’ve been so spoiled by the adrenaline inducing technology of today.

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