Dog person or baby dog person?

People love pets and I completely understand because I love them as well, however what intrigues me is the way some people treat their pets. For instance, my roommate recently bought a Halloween costume for her dog (yes she did) and I was like: Whaaaaaaat, is this really necessary?

While working as a dog walker I noticed that people treat their dogs like human babies. In fact, they buy their dogs strollers, summer and winter clothes, all kinds of toys, beds, little dog houses and even organic dog food – How is that even possible?

I guess I understand why they have such a strong connection with their pets. Most of them work long hours; they don’t have time to hang out with friends or relatives and didn’t have children yet.

The thing is: Dogs are supposed to be dogs! They have to run and play around, get along with other dogs, learn how to socialize as well and eat dog’s food. Why would you want to turn your dog into a pseudo person? Why would you take from them their own identity? Here is something hard for me to understand, because in the end they are just dogs. How about you? What type of relationship you have with your dog?


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  1. beeplookpol says:

    Well, I used to have that kinda thought like you before I have one. Now, I realized that my dog is one of my family and because dogs in general cannot tell you what they think, when they are hungry, when do they want to Poo/Pee, so obviously they need someone who can take care of them, touch them and be their family.

    Basically, dog is like a human, for example, if human have too much salty foods, of course human’s kidney will get sick and dog as well.

  2. scarlett says:

    In my Chinese home, I have a dog which I adopted when he’s only 3 months old. He’s 9 years old now. My mom, who used to not like animals, now call him “baby” or “son”, and call me “sister” when she’s “talking” to him. It sounds a bit wired, but my point is…we believe Pig(my dog’s name) is one of our family members, just like my little brother.

    I baby my dog very much, though I totally agree with you that people should not decide what’s the best for a dog based on their own judgement.

    However, the problem is we’re not able to communicate, we cannt urderstand what each other have said.(Maybe dogs understand us sometime, but that is because they have to depand on us to live, and we dont have to.) I know some people cut the dog’s hair, and some even get their dog’s hair dyed and nails polished, coz they belive dogs feel better when they’re “prettier”. But how do they know what dogs think?? So, maybe the best thing people can do is just give the dog your love and make him a warm home whiere he can live most like a dog. 🙂

  3. maytichak says:

    I am not an animal lover and I share the same thought as you! I don’t understand how people would treat their pet like a child because it’s just a dog. My mom has a friend and she loves her “daughter” (a dog) so much she treats it just as how a mom would treat a daughter! When my mom and her group of friends meet up they would talk about their lives and stuff. This friend of her would talk about her dog! It’s funny to listen to all of these stories that she goes do with her dog – it’s just like what my mom does with me!

  4. WiseFather says:

    I’m currious to hear what PETA thinks of people dressing up their dogs.
    Many people look for Halloween costume ideas, but I have put together a list of fun things to do with your Halloween costumes even after October 31st. If you have your own funny ideas I would love to hear them.

  5. Rebekah says:

    I have two dogs in my house and my house definitely treats them like a member of the family (as a person not as an animal). My dogs were pretty spoiled as they grew up. They never ate dog food, they always had what we had for dinner. They always came with us wherever we went and they are allowed to sit on the couch with us and sleep in our bed. It turns out, one of the dogs is pretty independent and doesn’t really take advantage of being able to sleep on our beds or our couches. He prefers to sleep on a mat that he really likes. However, our other dog is pretty spoiled and he loves to take advantage of it. He sits on the top of our couches all day and waits for my dad to come home. He takes his afternoon naps in my dads bed. And he will not leave your side when you are home. Whether it is sitting under your chair while you are having dinner, or sitting on your lap while you are watching tv, he lets you know he is around. Also, when we bring my dogs to the vet (one of them is 14 and one is 6) the vet tells us that we have some of the healthiest dogs around and that is because they eat such good meals. So, even though they get home cooked meals every night and are much more spoiled than other dogs, it is definitely beneficial. They are so used to eating human food that they won’t even touch dog food in their bowls anymore. They will wait until they are served something worth eating. It’s pretty funny. So yes, our dogs are treated like people and one of them we actually do call a baby. He likes to be held and needs a lot of attention, just like a baby… But when you think about it. It’s pretty stupid, they can’t even talk to you!!!

  6. Narjara27 says:

    hahahahaha Rebekah loved what you wrote, you guys are just like my roommate. But guys I am a dog person, I have two Lhiasa Apso whom I love very much and I take care of them very well. However, I don’t treat them as a person. No strollers, no sleeping on my bed,no eating organic food or anything like that. It doesn’t feel natural to me to treat my dogs like that,but i actually understand how that happens.

    Thanks for you points and sorry for my delay in answering you all 🙂

  7. Narjara27 says:

    By the way my Japanese friend, Yuki says the same thing. She says in Japan its common to treat their dogs like a real baby!! its kinda cultural now, especially for old women.

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