I used to think that I really hated winter, I hated snow. But, since I went snowboarding last year I changed my mind right after the first time I’ve tried it. I never thought that I would like it, but my boyfriend said we have a chance to come here (the US) at least we should try skiing or snowboarding because if we go back to Thailand we might not have a chance to do it. I thought about that for a year because I’m afraid of the accident that I might get. The reason why I was so afraid because I used to break my right wrist from falling off the bicycle and the left wrist, I almost broke it too from the ice-skating. So my boyfriend bought me a pair of wrist guard, knee pads to make me feel confident enough to go snowboarding.  At the first time my friends and I went to Blue Mountain, Pennsylvania. It was a little crowed because it was a holiday so a lot of people went there too. I was stuck at the beginner section because I’m afraid that I might bump someone else and didn’t want to spoil anyone for just helping me to learn how to snowboard. I kept falling all day and when I got back home I felt like I was dying because my butt was so much hurt.

At the second time we took 3 days trip to Sugar Loaf, Main, at this tome I had a padded short to protect my butt. Sugar Loaf was so huge and a lot of space for me to learn how to snowboarding. I took almost a day to feel confident to ride a snowboard down the hill. I felt so great and felt like I’m cool.

The third time we went to Windham, NY I rented the equipment from them but I was so disappointed because the booths so stinky and soaked. I asked for another one, which was not soaked, but every booth was the same. At this time I had another friend came along with me, she had never snowboarding before. That’s mean I had to teach her because every other friend just left us alone but my friend was good she got it so easy.  Anyway, we took about almost an hour to go down the hill but for another people just about 20 minutes. After I got back I bought my own equipment right away because I thought I will go snowboarding every week if I had a chance, but it was almost the end of season so I use d my own equipment for just only one time and the last time I went snowboarding it was so icy, very hard to control.

Now I don’t hate winter and snow anymore, instead I’m looking forward to see snow. I think this year I will go snowboarding every week or two week once. My friend and I have a goal to turn pro this year (ha ha). My boy friend had built a community of snowboard for Thai people call “Thai rider”. Every Wednesday they will go snowboarding together. I think I would be regret that I’ve never snowboarding when I had a chance. When I go back to Thailand I’ll bring my snowboard back with me, hang it on the wall. When someone ask me what my favorite sport is, I would tell them snowboarding for sure.


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  1. gabrielleslow says:

    It is wonderful to try something new and be so proud of it. Maybe one day I will learn how to snowboard or ski!

  2. phanipak says:

    I haven’t try ski or any winter sport because of my fear. You’ll never know that you like or dislike until you try it. Then, this year i set a goal to try at least one. Hook me up girl for the next time. I wish i’ll enjoy it.

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