“O Crap”

It all starts with the most horrible sleep I’ve had in a long time. I woke up late with a pulled muscle in my neck and found myself rushing for the train to get to school. Before I left I had to take the dog for a walk. When we got back in I smelled crap so I asked my future wife if she smelled crap and to check the dog if she smells. She replied no and then told me that I always smell something. Everything was all good. (fast forward to class) I then found myself sitting class listening to interesting topics that were told in the most boring way possible. Anyway I started to smell crap again. I checked the bottom of my left foot and found nothing. When I looked at the bottom of my right foot, much to my surprise, I found a nice piece of crap under it. I laughed and thought to myself I must have stepped in it while walking the dog and here I am blaming the pour thing. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean my sneaker. Without going into to much detail, what a complete mess that was. When class was over and went out for a smoke and to call my girlfriend. I pretty much told her how my day was going and that now I have to blog for my social media class. I was telling her that I’m interested in how companies use these tools, but because I don’t have a reason, I’m not the least bit interested in blogging, tweeting, facebook etc. It’s like video games, life is to short, I’d rather go to the gym……….. Somehow I think Scheckel, one of the marketing Gods heard me, cause as I was saying this a bird crapped on me. Of coarse my girlfriend laughed and so did I. Laughing seemed like the most appropriate thing to do at this point. Hey I feel pretty good. A lot of good luck coming my way. So, if anyone smells crap tonight in class…….. it’s me.


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  1. William Scheckel says:

    Yes, I can summon the birds.

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