This summer I’ve spent a lot of time workshops outside of my Thai Yoga practice (Ruesri Dat Ton) which is a traditional Thai self-stretching.  I’ve been busy learning Reiki energy healing; I’ve become a Reiki channel. Yes, I certified Reiki and have the ability to give healing to people.  After becoming a Usui Reiki, I realized that I had always wanted to help people to heal with touch. “I wanted to use a kind of touch that is completely painless. As I looked into different forms of energy healing I found myself drawn to the beauty, simplicity and spirituality that is Reiki”.

The Reiki Precepts

The secret of inviting happiness

The spiritual medicine for all illness

“For Today Only…

Don’t anger
Don’t worry

Be grateful
Work hard
Be kind to everyone”

With hands in prayer position
repeat them in the mind at the
beginning and the end of each day.

–Mikao Usui

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a method of natural heailng. Using the flow of Energy also known in other traditions as Prana, Ki or Chi, so Reiki translates as “Universal life force” Reiki harmonizes and balances the body, mind and spirit back to it’s natural state of calmness health and well-being.

These energy healing makes me feel alive, passionate and fulfill my purpose.  The best way I’ve found to have these characteristics present in my life is through daily self-practice of Reiki. The benefits have been clear; Reiki helps me begin each day grounded and calm. It helps me become aware of any tension and fear I may be holding then helps me release it. It’s a constant reminder to be gentle with myself and it helps me connect to that inner part of me where there is always peace. In that inner space I find gratitude, acceptance and freedom from worry. I now practice to send Reiki via distance to anyone anywhere, for example, I can send Reiki healing to my father in Thailand. I’ve learned that I’m most happy and productive when I keep to what inspires me most and when I focus on what I do best. For me, that inspiration comes from creating emotional health, not just for myself but for others as well. I would like to thank Stacy Davidoff who is my first teacher I have studied Reiki with… and to every person who walks into my practice…Namaste

Have you ever experienced Reiki? If not, I encourage you to try!!!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cartoon Jon says:

    my sister and aunt are Reiki gurus. It is cool that they can come and clean your body, soul and… house. it does create a more positive energy.

  2. phanipak says:

    I didn’t know that we called Reiki gurus, I heard only Reiki master. It has 6 levels in Reiki that the practitioners have to do meditation for pure energy. Of course, It’s cool that you have positive energy around you. I’ve renewed my commitment to begin and end each day with Reiki. I practice for myself and others to have deep relaxation. Now I feel peace deep inside. Hope you will like this experience so far.

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