The Importance of Media In The Celebration Of Special Days

BARBIES 30TH Birthday Party

The Barbie Company celebrated it’s 30th Birthday in New York, Lincoln Center, at 1989. A party was thrown and 700 Barbie buyers and celebrities joined this wonderful event. The party was entirely in pink. Everything was colored in pink ! Cakes, decoration stuff and items were entirely pink and even participants were obliged to wear only pink colored dresses and outfits. The Barbie Company followed a very cleverly planned media strategy during the term the sales of Barbie products were down. Everything was in pink and famous quests amused and distracted attention for months and months and their outfits or what were they doing or other details related with celebrities were talked and discussed thoroughly. Newspapers wrote about the event and attendant and this went on and on for several months. Media once again created a psychological stress to make consumers remember to secretly purchase Barbie products. Merely, science men has not yet resolved the mystery of human-beings whom have a defect-free perception, but who can easily become effected by others.

The reason of this attitude I yet controversial. When a product is frequently seen more than once in hands of other individuals, in advertorials , news and any other type of media tools, then we may become alerted and necessarily, interested to purchase the product. Therefore, we can commit that media plays an important role in the celebration of certain events and in the increase of company awareness.



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  1. metlaajay says:

    My younger sister having great collection of barbie Dolls.Se likes because of the color and different models.And As you said in your blog,Barbie company really followed good strategy for marketing their products in pink color.Where every child like colour.

  2. metlaajay says:

    Its really good that Barbie Company celebrating it’s 30th birthday.

  3. Zeenal Thakare says:

    Hi – An interesting post. However, I feel that media is very broad. Today, media includes not just news and broadcast stations, but wide variety of platforms ranging from outdoor advertisements to guerrilla marketing and now the social media. While advertising platforms such as outdoor ads, guerrilla marketing, television commercials, etc. may still be seen as a propaganda on part of the company trying to sell its products/services, I strongly believe that third-party endorsements always work, especially when the third-party is a reputed source or someone who the audiences trust. Being a consumer myself, I feel that if I were bombarded with advertising messages praising “Barbie”, I may not be intrigued by the product. However, that obviously doesn’t deter a company to market its products. The trade has to go on. Hence, companies come up with strategies to survive in this highly competitive market place. I may not necessarily question these efforts on part of a company since today everyone is trying multiple avenues to reach out to their customers, whether it is a corporation trying to improve sales or an individual trying to spread the word in the job market.

    1. Levent says:

      first of all thanks for response my article .I really like your ideas. Hitler is the first person in the world who made a propaganda in Nazi-Germany. Some of people call his act as “Invisible bullets” He was reached mass target audience by short radio announcement. After Industry Revolution companies changed marketing strategy.” you have a jean but why don’t u buy red one too… you will look sexy” that Idea push to people buy a lot of product since After Industrial Revelation. It doesn’t matter if your are interest in X product. Market will be catch and break your subconscious to buy x product. That’s why the media is most powerful tool to reach massive target audiences.

  4. Levent says:

    @metlaajay It’s really good for your sister. Honestly I’m not interest in Barbies 🙂 however they made a perfect party in 1989 They almost loose everything but they used media in this event and when news reporters show at television and newspaper they increased company’s awareness.

  5. Spicy says:

    I was sure this event would get media attention and increased selling. Almost Every girls love barbie. So bad, this event already done long time ago. Did you know the feedback after the event? Is this event success?

  6. Levent says:

    @Spicy It was so old event I remember from my college text’s books 🙂

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